date: 25.10-30.11.2017
place: UL Kultury – Pracownia dobrych praktyk, ul. Srebrna 1, 43-400 Cieszyn

The subsistence of my coffee begins with the explosion of the smell filling my entire lungs. The first sip, always earlier than later, slightly burns a tongue. Then we deal with each other, with our matters. From my perspective it seems that coffee deals only with cooling. It is a proof of my pride, as only my matters are important. For whom? For what? The last sip of already cold coffee is full of longing.

Meanwhile, a demodex folliculorum, a tiny creature that reaches 0.3 to 0.4 mm long, lives in hair follicles of my face and spends there all its days by eating tallow and epidermis. From its (or actually our) pits it leaves late at night to search the beloved ones. It is limited by time, will die after few weeks. But in the mean time, it does not want to miss the companionship of its relatives.

Outside the window there is a forest, full of long-lived trees. Supposedly they are social beings that communicate with each other, care for the offspring, cherish their friends, consciously care about the common cause. I do not notice it because I am so limited in my time perspective. But the longer I look there, sitting next to the empty cup of coffee, the more everything around me starts to spin, the cacophony of existence fills my whole room. There is less place for me. It is more and more pleasant.