I am love


Five scenes depicting the situation between two lonely people who are stuck with each other. The mother (me) and the adolescent son (him) try to describe their intimate relation. This is not a sentimental story of a mother being blindly in love with her child (who is transforming into an adult), but an attempt to pay one’s respects to another person. This is a story about the hyper-realistic and unconditioned desire to commune.
The project is an attempt to describe total love, the state in which a person who loves disappears within the other person. To disappear (to collapse) within someone is nothing pleasant. Love is not sweet – It is brutal. It fills the whole field of view and each sense with violence. We roll in our own waste (hair, nails), building a peculiar monument of immortality. We become a scar (we cicatrize, we heal). This is an act of the inner struggle and breaking through the soft recesses of our aggressive subconsciousness.
There is no blood, wounds, or bullets whizzing in the air. The subconscious gets to the viewer wearing silky gloves, carrying out an autopsy on a living body: still not everything is known, although everything has been discovered. We are immersed in white frames, like in milk or fog: or whatever absorbs or engages us, not allowing us to go back, even though the viewer-video interaction isn’t comfortable. We take a close look at the frames looking for a toehold, which could enable us to grasp the concept. It is a mistake: you can’t look for hard rocks in this wavy mellowness, you cannot say: I know!
We have the right to talk about it because we are one body. Giving birth is the only moment of a sincere and extreme opening toward the other person, and the mother’s belly is the only place you can say you have actually been to.