an exceptional times


The works consist of black and white analog photographs and texts composed into a virtual story (only in Polish: Wyjątkowe czasy)


Days, decades, and centuries pass. Communication tools change, and we define closeness differently. The development of technology forces the redefinition of the concept of space and time needed to establish relationships and build intimacy.

However, we still form groups, tribes. We unite around the idea, be it god or science, car brand, belief in a flat earth. We are still connected by searching for and believing in finding meaning, causes, and solutions. We have our messiahs, celebrities, soothsayers, and teachers. An exceptional times is a story about the cult of a being who is not like us, lives in a different space-time, its language also eludes our understanding (the word is here and now).

Stone is the deity.

In the background, a story about closeness unfolds. The division into individual people and nature is disappearing. Everything becomes one, which does not mean that it loses its autonomy.