date: 17.11.2017 – 7.01.2018
place: Wozownia Gallery, Toruń

curators: Urszula Kluz-Knopek, Marta Ostajewska

artist: Konrad Juściński, Katarzyna Klich, Anna Róża Kołacka, Marek Kucharski, Ewa Kulesza, Kasper Lecnim, Iwona Ogrodzka, Agnieszka Mastalerz, Martyna Pająk, Natalia Pakuła, Aga Piotrowska, Zuzanna Rokita, Marta Stachowska, Paweł Stasiewicz, Maja Staśko, Natalia Wiśniewska, Ewa Żuchnik

The exhibition features works by seventeen artists, inspired by the black hole. Black hole is pure transcendence, space-time, which nothing, even light, can not leave. It originates in the dying stars, absorbs matter, and after colliding with other black holes reaches the size of millions of suns. You can not get out of it, it sets the border without return. It is inside it own horizon of events. Inside of it, time slows down, outward – disappears. It is full of unexplained peculiarities, in which ends the time, and gravity rises to the level of infinity. Black hole pulls, shrinks, relaxes, fascinates, attracts, absorbs. Some see the tunnel in another universe, others cork in a bath full of galaxies, black blush, infinite pool, velvet stain of oblivion. A black hole is a puzzle in which we spin like a whirl.
poster picture: AgnieszkaMastalerz, Pułapka żywołowna