project date: 6-9 september 2017
place: Ogrodowa 4, Częstochowa
Flying House of Good Death is a part of the festival Festiwal Sztuki Współczesnej w Przestrzeni Publicznej Arteria

In the United States, drive-through funerals have become quite popular. Mourners drive up to a window where the body is displayed. They can pay their farewell, inscribe their name in the condolence book and hand in flowers without as much as leaving the car. Meanwhile, on the island of Tana Toraja (Indonesia), when little children die (before teething), their bodies are hidden in holes curved out in rubber trees. The resin of the rubber tree resembles milk, it is the symbol of the nurturing power of nature who is now taking care of the deceased. The body grows into the tree and grows together with it, and thus the soul travels to the sky, which can only be reached with the help of nature.

I warmly invite you to visit the Flying House of the Good Death where you can become familiar with these and many other stories about death and mourning.

I encourage  older and younger people to share their thoughts and intuitions about good dying. Together we will try to reflect on what we are afraid of, and what the last moments of our lives might look like, where, how and in what company we would like to die.
The Flying House of Good Death is a project designed to define good dying. It is important to consider what lies under the concept of life. Is it a conscious and creative making of our own biography, death being a part of it? Or maby life is a rather complicated system of life processes and experiences, and death appears as its opposite?

From 6 to 9 September, 10: 00-17: 00 the Flying House of Good Death will be located at 4 Ogrodowa street in Częstochowa. A meeting can be arranged in a different place and time also. If you have any questions, doubts, or just want to say hello, please contact me: 510 105 739, mail: