exhibition: 25.06.-16.07.2013
place: Galeria Szyperska

The work has got two titles: the first one is a warning: “Keep away from fire”, the second one defines problematic issue “We always go by”. The work concerns a problem which we detect from two perspectives. On the one hand it is an intimate history inside a particular family. This part includes 21 photos and a video installation. The issues like juvenescence, changing, adolescence, mutual drifting apart and bringing together are shown within one family. It can be defined as a transferring from one point to another and constant brooding about the past (hence, direct connection with the history of painting, beliefs, folk solemnities, fairy tales etc)
The core of this work focuses on an uncertainty of present. It means that as people we are not able to experience actual moments fully but we balance between past and present. For me, personally, another problem is consciousness of constant loss of “death of the present” .
The second part of the exhibition looks from the perspective, there are no particular people but much coincidence. This part directly concerns “passing”. We pass through and cross spans of installation made of hundreds innocent infants’ clothes to reach one point. This point is covered with clothes, inapproachable picture on the clean, white wall. When we think everything is clear, we turn around to leave the exhibition and suddenly we can notice the reflection of the image we were looking at but the clothes are frame of the picture and passing through the door becomes entering the picture.
I realize that the core of this work is situated on the joints of the edge, reflections and passages. That is why I try to arrange the installation taking under consideration passing through, entering between (as it is with the video projection) and coming, still remembering about continuous search of joints. The whole journey is to lead the looker-on to the main question if everything we saw was really an exposure or maybe just a cover of the problem.