The Flying House
of Good Death

The Flying House of Good Death project refers directly to the contemporary crisis of death in Western culture. Increasing life expectancy (the beginning of the twentieth century is 31 years, now the average life expectancy is 71 ), the medicalization of death (changing the place of dying home / hospital, family / medical staff), cult of body (young, pretty and powerful), rejection of mourning, change of funeral rites, the image of death in the mass media – it all adds up to  taboo of death. The Flying House of Good Death is a project where an attempt is made to define the good death and the circumstances of good dying in a person’s personal dimension. Good death something that we wish for our selves and our loved ones.

The project started a few weeks before the festival, when the printed invitations to attend and visit the Flying House of Good Death appeared in various places (readings, cafes) in Częstochowa city. (read invitation text). Between September 6 and 9, the house was t in one of the courtyards in the old town. In an abandoned business premises I arranged space to create a cozy, calm, warm place and emanating good atmosphere. Silence, delicate light, floral scent fostered a sense of intimacy in contact with stories. On the wall were attached ecological pots (fully degraded peat pots), in which there were paper sheets. On paper cards were examples of funeral rituals, ways of dying and dealing with the deceased over the ages and latitudes. All texts were written in a simple way (without judging) so that it was clear to every reader. Visitors were invited to read and share their own definitions of good dying.

photo: Marcin Szczygieł

Flying House of Good Death was a part of the Festiwal Sztuki Współczesnej w Przestrzeni Publicznej Arteria